Gavi’s INFUSE Pacesetter 2019

ZMQ Development along with VillageReach – and Premise Data was selected as one of the three ‘2019 Pacesetters’ under INFUSE initiative, created by Gavi to help countries accelerate the introduction of cutting edge technology in immunization. In 2019, INFUSE call was designed to boost access to vaccine and primary health services for developing country populations living in complex urban settings. At a two-day workshop in Barcelona, an expert panel of Gavi-country representatives, private sector leaders and global health experts selected three INFUSE Pacesetters from more than 100 innovations.

INFUSE Pacesetter 2019

ZMQ Development leverages the power of storytelling to boost immunization rates in the slums of New Delhi by using a cadre of informal storytellers, equipped with a mobile app designed to register newborns, track, remind and recall them for immunization and share digital Talking Comics for healthy behaviors. Traditionally belonging to the transgender community, these storytellers play an important role in the celebration of new-born babies – and are thus often the first non-family member to meet the newborn.

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