Ajeevika Connect

Ajeevika Connect is part of ZMQ’s Universal SHG Platform, a technology-based mobile training platform for Self Help Groups to deliver Livelihood & Skills Training, provisioning Government Schemes like MGNREGA, IAY etc. and also establishing m-Business platform for rural and under-privileged entrepreneurs/communities in Rural Haryana, namely at 2 sites, Tauru Block in District Mewat and Matanhail Block in District Jhajjar. Ajeevika Connect uses the power of collectiveness of women in the groups to be trained for life-long skills. SHGs form a beautiful collective group with a classroom model but absolutely un-utilized. The project comes as an inspiration from ZMQ’s Universal mobile SHG/MFI model which provisioned lifeline services to rural women along with the financial services. This model gives women skills for life, which can make them live a decent life. ZMQ’s Aajeevika Connect program has now partnered with Haryana State Rural Livelihood Mission and is working with 400 SHGs through a network of 20-30 Cluster Coordinators in Mewat district of Haryana.

Ajeevika Connect is one part of the 3 toolkits, other two being Core-SHG Financial Management System and Lifeline Channel for Health Communication. Aajeevika Connect delivers Trainings, Skills and Entrepreneurship Development programs to SHGs and their members based on their needs. The training modules are delivered over the phones/tablets with Face-2-Face training sessions. Aajeevika Connect will give an opportunity to SHGs & its members to establish Micro-Training Centers in the communities. ZMQ is working with the poorest of the poor women from SHG and it members by provisioning them mobile based management of the Core SHG services like Weekly/Monthly Group Meetings, Weekly/Monthly Savings, regular Inter-loaning services, Loan Repayment and Regular record Management and related activities; and Women’s Life–Line Channel to provision Health and other development services to the women.