Freedom TB

Freedom TB is a technology linked program of ZMQ to overall improve TB treatment, adherence and compliances. Freedom TB is operational in complete district of Mewat in India covering over 3,000 TB patients. There has been overall increase in completion rate of patients of TB and reduction in drop-out rates. The program uses its innovative approach called Active Patient Compliance System to improve Tuberculosis treatment and adherence using mobile phones based Video Observed Therapy (VOT) approach. This is a system changing solutions for TB patients to report their adherence to treatment from their village and homes.

Freedom TB empowers patients and communities to take control of their treatment and adherence/compliance reporting with reminders systems, adherence tools, dosage tracking, test scheduling along with real-time community & provider-connect for need based supportive supervision. This approach helps the patients to minimize travel to DOTS center for treatment, which has previously been biggest challenge because of increased time and distance, money spent for travelling to the center, losing their daily wages and increasing stigma. Active Compliance System has demonstrated immense impact in the society as it empowers the patients and gives them full control in managing their treatment through mobile phone tools with reminders and reporting compliance and also building community level influencers networks. The solution also helps in creating new networks of treated patients, who will serve as peer-educators in communities to provide assistive support under the Community-led model. This innovative model includes the ‘patient as a new layer’ in the solution design and creates an enabling Active environment for combating TB such as Active Awareness, Active Case Finding, Active Compliance and Active Ground Assessment.

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