Your Story Teller

Under-served rural communities have no tools and content in their hands to manage their Health. Digital storytelling can revolutionize in building healthy behaviors through contextual story-telling. ZMQ has established a mobile-based digital story teller called Your Story Teller as new messaging and behavior change tool will catalyze the use of this approach for further scale-up. Moreover, the mobile phone delivery of content will ensure large audiences and quick scale-up. The success of Your Story Teller has been its scale-up both horizontally and vertically. ZMQ has 15 years of immense experience of delivering engaging digital content like games and tools such as MIRA Channel, 9 Minutes, Worm-Attack etc. which help in building new behaviors. ZMQ works in multi-stakeholder partnerships.

The project can be scaled for other regions of the world where there is lack of access to quality content on Health, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, WASH, Agriculture, Environment and various other social issue to spread knowledge and awareness. This has really helped in scaling digital storytelling for other health and development related issues across the globe. Your Story Teller is based on using Sustained educational entertainment is a proven methodology for inculcating healthy behaviors. The project develops contextual digital animated stories on mobile phones, which are tested with communities and helps in building healthy behaviors thus increasing the demand of various services or awareness generation.