‘Digital Connect has broken all barriers; it has reached in the hands of remotest communities, poorest of the poor and the under-privileged. This resource brings a great opportunity to enable human development by building sustainable models and solutions that make real difference between life and death for millions. No woman should die anymore while giving birth to a child, no child should be left without education, no youth should remain unskilled, no farmer should succumb with his produce, and above all no voice should be left unheard.’

The last two decades has witnessed ‘Connectivity’ reaching billions of people including rural, poor and under-privileged. For years, we have struggled to provision food, shelter, clean drinking water, toilets, health and education to all. But this man-made resource – Connectivity, which reaches everyone, makes a difference between life and death for poor and marginalized. It is time for all of us to seize this opportunity to provision timely information and connect them with life saving services. Had the Mahatma Gandhi been alive today, he would have been promoting probably carrying a digital tool in his hand which not only benefit masses but also makes them self-reliant.