MIRA Channel

MIRA Channel (also called as Women Mobile Lifeline Channel) is an integrated mobile phone channel to provide health information to rural women and connect them with public health services using mobile phones in low-resource settings. The objective of MIRA is to enable women improve health indicators by self-managing their health and reach towards a larger goal of women empowerment using digital connect. The mission of MIRA channel is to improve the standard of living of rural women across the globe, especially their health indicators.
The lack of reproductive rights of women, maternal and child health communication tools, and disconnect with public health services in remote areas in India, is the key to poor health indicators. Due to this, India has a very high maternal mortality rate of 212/100,0001 live births, Infant mortality rate of 52/1,0002 live births in India. Also, majority of the women opt for traditional method of home-based delivery (51.1% of deliveries in India), putting both mother and child health in high risk.

Each sub-channel has multiple tools which delivers information to women through interactive edutainment tools by building their knowledge and creating awareness on critical health issues, and ultimately connecting them to the public health services. micro-audio messages in local language,

MIRA provides timely information to women about pregnancy-dietary information, medical care, dons and dons thus increasing awareness during pregnancy. It connects women with health services for timely delivery. It supports women to go for regular ante-natal checkups, taking Iron-Folic acid, timely vaccination and encourage women to go for institutional deliveries. MIRA helps in adopting safer behaviors, and overall reducing maternal and infant mortality rates.