MIRA Afghanistan

MIRA Afghanistan is an integrated mobile phone channel which provides high quality, consistent health communication tools to rural women and connects them with nodal health service delivery systems on RMNCH+A. MIRA has been adapted for Afghanistan in local language Dari and is being implemented in Herat province of Afghanistan. MIRA functions through outreach health workers called CHWs or the Community Health Workers (Health Post). CHWs register pregnant women and children on the age of 0-5 years and provide them information on a regular basis using MIRA mobile toolkit. The pregnant women are asked questions related to HRPs (High Risk Pregnancies) which are captured and sent over the server. This data is connected with nodal health services through midwives using ANM Toolkit. Midwives then need to take timely action on the HRPs. This is projected as Dashboard for the state/district review LIVE data of each and every woman on a minute to minute basis. MIRA helps in early detection of High Risk Pregnancies, increases ANC check-ups, increases institutional deliveries and immunization rates thus overall reducing MMR and IMR in the long run. In addition to communication and service delivery, MIRA Channel also deliveries Value Added Services like decision-making stories and social mobile games to build the capacities of adolescent girls and boys.

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